Day 14!

Well it’s day 14 and all the b-day stuff is out of the way. Spring break is over and the kids are back to school. J is off to work and I am home in a very quiet house. Oh how I love this sound. I didn’t step on the scale today. Well not yet anyways. I am trying really hard to stop that habit but it’s not really working. I have struggled with weight for years. Going from being under weight and very unhealthy to being over and unhealthy. I can’t seem to find the middle ground and it’s crazy. While I have not ate too much bad stuff.. I have slipped a few times and snacked on a piece of cake. However last night I grabbed a piece since I didn’t have any at the party, I waited until my snack time to allow myself a slice.. I realized it was not what I wanted. I have ate so much fruit and veggies these last 2 weeks that I can’t really stomach sweet stuff. It just doesn’t taste appealing to me. I could easily walk into a store and pick up a candy bar and snack on it.. but I think my new lifestyle change has made me see that I don’t need that and my body really doesn’t want it.

J keeps telling me I can’t have things I normally would have ate 3 or 4 weeks ago.. I am on a “diet” I can’t help but to laugh and tell him it’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. Which it is. It’s mind over matter. I think everyone was shocked last night when I said I would hold off on eating a slice of cake, they looked at me like there was something wrong with me.. J chimed in and asked for a slice, I kindly.. okay not so kindly advised him it wasn’t a good idea. We still had a before bed snack and we could have it then. After all he just got done eating a sauce covered piece of chicken and noodles covered in a thick tomato sauce… and he was taking bites off my plate too. (We went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant.)

My meal vs’ J’s.

We did the 2 for $25.

App was the fried zucchini with ranch and tomato dipping sauce (I cleaned the breading off and ate it without sauce. (3 pieces) J ate with breading and sauce ( 5 pieces))

Both of us had a salad no cheese or croutons with Italian dressing.

then we had our meals: Mine was fried chicken with a tomato sauce topped with a slice of cheese and a huge piece of 7 layer laz. I stayed clear of the bread since I knew I was not going to eat very well. ( took the laz home, and only ate the small piece of chicken) I drank water 3 cups there.

J had: backed chicken with tomato sauce, and pasta with the same sauce. he had about 5 pieces of white sour dough bread and whipped butter as well. J had ice tea to drink. (5 or 6 cups)

While our meals were different in a way we both ate off, however portion and serving control came into play. I stuck to it. I want to run and check my weight.. but I know better. so I will wait until the full 24 days are over and check it. I hope to be down into the 180’s by the time this is all done. We shall see.


Day 11 – Weigh in

While I write this (Brandie) I look over my numbers today at my midway point weigh in and can’t help but to smile. J and I both did our measurements. While he lost a little more weight than I did (7 pound loss for him) I lost more inches. (11 inch loss) So here is the rundown so far:

Brandie : Total loss in inches: 11 – Total loss in weight: 3lbs

Jeremy: Total loss in inches: 10 – Total loss in weight: 7lbs.

These past 10 days have been hard. Really hard. Trying to remember to eat so I don’t feel sick later on with hunger pains. Trying to eat the right things. Here we are day 11 with these amazing results and I am happy. So happy. Wile I didn’t lose as much weight I am still jumping for joy over the loss of inches. I am keeping myself energized and feeling healthier than ever! I am excited to see what day 24 holds in store for us. (We end on day 24, however weigh in wont be until day 25 to get the full results) This is my new life, this is our new life. Over the weekend J will update his things on here. He has been so busy with work he hasn’t had the time to do so. until next time.. Live life to the fullest, push yourself until you can’t go any farther and then push a little more.

Day 7 – Brandie

Well here I am on day 7 of 24. How do I feel? I feel eh mentally.. physically I feel great! Why the difference between the two? I have worked out really really hard and gained weight. Yep.. I am back to my starting weight. So those 2.2 pounds I lost went out the window and I gained .6 lbs. However! I am still in the cleansing phase of this and I know weight gain is one of the side effects of my body getting used to all the junk being removed. I am going to give it a full 24 days before I really cast my thoughts on it all. I do believe it’s helping more than doing nothing at all. That I believe with all my heart. I am starting to have more energy from the time I drink my first Spark to the afternoon where I need either another Spark or an energy shot. Once I have that second one in I am great the rest of the day.

I am finally sleeping all night. There for a while I was up every 2 hours. This is mostly because I drink my water too fast just to get it out of the way. I was not spacing it. I have learned so much about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. Not that I was really eating those types of food all like that anyways. I have 4 days left on the cleansing phase and another weigh in. That will be the true test to this.

Day 4 -Brandie

As I type this out I am relaxing a little. J and I went to the gym this morning and I was able to do a mile run in under 16 mins. This is hard for me to do on any other I day, but today was great! I have a habit of getting up and jumping on the scales to weight myself. It’s something I have done for the last 4 months or so. This morning I am happy to announce I am down…2.2lbs. Yay! I have not been sleeping too well and eating has been crazy. Sticking with foods I normally wouldn’t eat on a daily basis. Today I did step out of it and eat 1/4 of a foot long sub from subway. It was grilled chicken breast loaded with veggies. I did add cheese but I left out the mayo. I really didn’t miss it either. Then I got my permit renewed. So over all today has been a great day. I felt really bad the last 2 day. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep. Today I can say that I am a little sleepy but no where what I have been. So this challenge is paying off. My start of Advocare pictures will be posted later tonight for the world to see. Well it’s time for a snack and then we are off to pick up the kids. K has to get his glasses today, then he has a dance tonight which he is super excited about.

24 Day Challenge

Morning update: 10:30am

Today starts the 24 day challenge Jeremy and I have embarked upon. The morning started out really well if I don’t say so myself. It’s a little after 10am and I am already halfway into my water for the day. Not to say that I wont have more because I will but I can’t believe how much water I use daily, and I am also using the watch I got for Christmas this past year. It’s kinda like a fitbit, but not as expensive and it tracks everything I need it to. 🙂 Anywho.. J and I are very excited for this new journey and for the world to see that we are taking this seriously for the sake of spending together forever. 🙂

(evening update will be posted before bed. Check back here to see how the rest of today played out)


Much love,




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